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That's right. All is well in the world when the good still blooms in every corner.I truely respect healers that use their gifts in a noble way. I am not saying that they shouldn't make money with their practice because I honestly feel that they deserve to receive energy back from what they give, and nowadays we deal and reward each other with money.I don't think that's bad and it is only normal, in fact, healers have always been rewarded as off old and I think that is just totally fair.

However , when gifted healers chose to offer it for free, they are offering us indeed a great gift and I wich to share with you.

The Sound Energy Healing website is offering free sound healing and the following free services:

Sound Treatment for Pain & Illness Report

Sound Treatment for Cancer Report

Sound Meditation

Visit the page to request your Free Sound Eenergy Healing.

Thank you for offering this gift. I wish you continue to thread the path of change.

We all love the bowls and we all want to know how to play them well so let me share a few tips with you, on how to play the tibetan singing bowls.

I am no expert, you know that, I am just a passionated collector and I am always on the intrent trying to find good information and some videos to share with you and maybe we can all learn a lilte more about out favorite tibetan bowls together. I have recently found a website that published an axcellent article teaching how to play the singing bowls and you shoul check it out. Its the site and they have a great article teaching how to plya.

HOW TO PLAY TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS _ click it and read a very interesting article about it. Hope you enjoy and talk soon :)

A few months ago a reader left me a comment to one of my posts, where she asked me to please include the videos from her website anda link to her Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School (TBSHS). I have been checking the site out and I must say I am very impressed by the quality of the info about tibetan singing bowls that you can find there.

It also seems like a wonderful place to learn how to play the tibetan bowls and learn many more neat facts about the sinining bowls we all love so much.

Here´s one video from the
Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School (TBSHS)
, later on I will be posting about her other site, the Sound Enegry Healing site, also oriented towards healing bowls and how to use the tibetan singing bowls to perform healing.

Tibetan singing bowls are used for healing and to induce deep states of meditation. If you are looking for a sound that will soothe both your mind and soul, listen to the sounds of a Tibetan singing bowl. In a word, it's amazing! It is pure sound and will rapidly induce a relaxed and meditative state for anyone who listens to them.

Tibetan singing bowls are classified as standing bells where the bottom of the bell rests on a surface, and it is inverted instead of the way bells are traditionally placed. The sides and rim of the bell vibrate to produce sounds and have long been used in Southeast Asia, Tibet, Japan, China, Nepal and India, Bhutan and Korea. Used as a part of the Tantric Buddhist sadhana, which is Buddhist spiritual practice, they are integral to practice and meditation. 

There are debates concerning the use of the singing bowls, and many stories have been woven around these sacred bells. Some feel that they are simply a prop to use during prayer and chanting, while others believe they possess magical transformational powers that can alter both self and matter. While they are universally utilized as part of religious practice, their sound also makes a great background for meditation, trance-induction, relaxation and personal well-being. Of all of the singing bowls out there, the culture best known to employ them is Tibet. They are part of the Himalayan region and referred to as "Tibetan Singing Bowls".

Tibetan singing bowls make sound by friction created by rubbing plastic, wood or leather wrapped mallets along the rim of the bowl which produces a natural harmonic resonance or tones which resemble a singing sound. There are all levels of quality when it comes to Tibetan singing bowls and each one produces a unique sound. Singing bowls can also make different sounds by using different instruments to strike the bell. 

This beautiful image is the propriety of: Wonderlane .
It is used under a license of Creative Commons

While modern bowls are produced from either brass or some other simple alloys, the prized sounds emanate from the antique bowls which are made of Panchaloha which is Sanskrit for five metals. It is a conglomeration of bronze alloy, tin, iron, zinc and copper. These bowls are multiphonic and polyharmonic in that they can produce overtones that sound like unique instruments. Many of the antique bowls are also made up of gold, silver and nickel producing a unique warm sound. Traditional techniques that went into making the Tibetan singing bowls have been lost, and the newer bowls have a difference in quality and sound as a result.

The modern Tibetan singing bowl has seen an improvement in quality and sound as new technology works to recapture what was lost in traditional methods from antiquity. They are now part of the religious identification and description, symbols and are used in conjunction with the Tibetan mantras, Buddha images and Ashtamangala, the sacred suite of Eight Auspicious Signs that are part of many Indian religions. While the complete tonal structure hasn't been replicated in the modern Tibetan singing bowls, the new handmade bowls are still wonderful, producing multiple harmonic overtones that come very close to their ancient cousins.

It is known that sound and 
frequencies can be used to 
heal. the tibetan bowls can 
transmit such a frequency that
can be used to heal. here is an
youtube video I found of 
someone that uses the
tibetan singing bowls to 
perform healing.

Yesterday, having dinner at a friends house, I was talking about my never ending love for this mystical musical object, our glorious Tibetan singing bowl, when I found out how few did I knew about it, in practical. Sure I know the composition, the form, the esthetical look…I have many, I have books about them, I go to galleries to look at ancient Tibetan singing bowls…but some practical knowledge in actually “handling” The singing bowls is lacking.

Yes, I do own a few Tibetan singing bowls, many hand-crafted in
Tibet itself, and many which are replicas of ancient ones. I even have a few crystal Tibetan singing bowls in my collection. But I do NOT KNOW HOW TO USE THEM PROPPERLY!!!

I felt so ridiculous, going on and on about the objects, and their endless mysteries, and how the arrived to Tibet from India and etc, but when the daughter of my friend asked me to play a little for her.... :

"Please auntie, go get your Tibetan Singing Bowls and put them to sing a little for us."

This was when I decided I had to learn how to play them!! It could not be any other way …my pride does not allow me to keep with this tremendous gap in my education!! Hehe

So, as off now, I am on a quest to find the best Tibetan singing bowl master I can;

I will keep you posted on my journey to finally learn hot to play this instrument. I have already checked out a few online schools that will provide you with video tutorials- this can be an hypothesis for me, since I already have a lot of contact with the Tibetan singing bowls, I think I might pull this all right....We’ll see.

If you or anyone you know has learned how to reasonably play the Tibetan singing bowls on an online school, please do let me know.

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